Business and Economy of Dindigul

Dindigul is one of the most important business centers in Tamil Nadu. Like most of the other district headquarters in Tamil Nadu (for example, Erode) Dindigul has registered a steady growth in both secondary and tertiary sectors, though the city has experienced a corresponding decrease in the primary sector. Most of the employment opportunities are created in the different industrial sectors in and around the Dindigul town.

There are two major industrial estates in Dindigul and one of them is located in the town itself. Several important industries, like tanneries, lock manufacturing, cotton spinning mills dominate the industrial landscape of Dindigul. Dindigul is one of the most important leather manufacturing places in Tamil Nadu.

Lock and Steel Safe Manufacturing Industry in Dindigul

Industries in Dindigul
Dindigul is nationally recognized for the lock and steel safe manufacturing units. This is the most prominent industry in the city. The lock and steel safe industry of Dindigul is operated by a co-operative sector and all the sales are controlled and channeled by this co-operative society. The popularity of Dindigul locks has prompted the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology to file geographical indication for Dindigul locks through the research wing of the organization. In the last ten years there is a marked decline in this industry while other industries like leather and handloom are growing in stature and market occupancy.

Textile Industry in Dindigul

Cotton mills are very common in Dindigul. There are several factories in Dindigul which prepares silk, muslin cloths and different types of blankets. In Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore has the largest textile spindling capacity and Dindigul is a close second in this field. “Chinnalapatti silk”, a special brand of silk saree is produced in the town called Chinnalapatti, which is just 11 km away from Dindigul city. The Chinnalapatti silk saree is widely popular in South India as well as other parts of India.

Agricultural Products in Dindigul

The climatic conditions of Dindigul are favorable for horticulture as well as agriculture. In Dindigul district non-food crops are cultivated in a wide scale. Non-food crops like coffee, flowers, tobacco etc are the most popular crops in Dindigul. Dindigul town is a wholesale trading place for a number of fruits, like pineapple, orange, guava. There is a wholesale market of vegetables in Dindigul and onion is the most sold item in the town.

Tobacco Industry in Dindigul

From the British Period, Dindigul has excelled in the trade and manufacturing of tobacco cigars. Winston Churchill’s favorite brand of cigar, known as the ‘Churut’ or the ‘Light of Asia’ was manufactured in Dindigul. Indian Government has a tobacco research center in Dindigul. Also Dindigul is the largest trading center for chewing tobacco. Different well known tobacco brands have offices in Dindigul. Many local people are employed in these offices.

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