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Dindigul Lock Manufacturing Industry

Small scale industries have always played an important role in the economic development of a specific city or town. In Dindigul, the lock manufacturing units provide jobs and livelihood to more than 3000 families, spread all over the district. Dindigul lock has a certain brand image and hence it has wide scope of business opportunity. Lock manufacturing has always been one of the most important, popular and employment oriented, yet traditional cottage industries in India. Dindigul locks are always in demand, because they can guarantee aspects like quality, re-processing facility, key facility and most importantly, they are attractive in design. The lock manufacturing industry in Dindigul is more than 100 years old and spread over places like  Mattupatti,  Nagalnagar, Perumalkovilpatti, Paaraipatti, Balamarathupatti, Nallampatti, Kammalapatti and some other places. Hand-made locks have an international reputation.

Dindigul Locks

Profile of Dindigul Lock Industry

Lock manufacturing units, in one of the traditional and prestigious industries of Dindigul district, has been providing jobs to over 500 families in Dindigul for a long time. Several lock manufacturing units have been functioning as cottage industries solely depending on commission agents to market their products. Some lock manufacturing unit has involved direct marketing. They try to get the order directly from the customer and these lock manufacturing units are specialist in preparing customized locks. Lock industry is a labor-intensive industry, which provides employment opportunities to the rural folk.

All the locks made in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu are hand made; these locks are unique in their designs and patterns. Different kinds of locks are manufactured in Dindigul, like Mango lock,  Almirah locks, Excise lock, Export lock, Trick lock, Bell lock,  Drawer lock etc. Dindigul is famous for the manufacturing of padlocks. Dindigul locks mostly purchased for Temples, Government hospitals, Government offices and so on. The unofficial motto of Dindigul lock manufacturers is that the customers are trustful while the thieves are fearful. Even though different locks in different prices are available in market, Dindigul locks maintained its brand image for a long time.

Lock Manufacturers in Dindigul

Importance of the Dindigul Locks

Dindigul locks are famous for their traditional design, and safety and specialty of twin keys or three keys for single lock and locks with multi-locking system. Even government departments, temples and godowns have been using Dindigul locks. Certain features of the Dindigul locks have been instrumental in making these locks very popular among the customers. The lock manufacturers claim that the precision lever mechanism of their locks is unpickable and shackles are meticulous in design and offer greater resistance to anyone who tries to break in. The manufacturers manually assemble each lock and that is why each lock has its own unique key code or key. The levers of the Dindigul locks are designed in a way so that they have a greater degree of non-interchange ability of keys. There’s a combination of proper key-holes to suit male, female, round or flat type of keys. Some of the locks , mainly the custom made locks are designed with unique and remarkable synthesis of traditional design and compatibility with foreign keys.

Marketing Opportunities of Dindigul Locks

Dindigul lock manufacturing industry has an high degree of brand image. Dindigul is also known as ‘lock city’. There is no need for any kind of advertisement, displays and exhibitions for Dindigul locks, as it itself is a brand name popular all over India as well as the World. Without any kind of promotional activities, the lock manufacturers have marketed their products efficiently. They are involved in direct marketing. Customers have ordered based on their specifications. The workers have produced locks based on customer’s expectations. Though there are plenty of different locks available in the Indian market, yet people give first preference for quality and select the Dindigul locks. It is the best example of  the prestigious image that Dindigul locks have in the market.

Future of Dindigul Manufacturing Industry

Researchers have suggested that vocational training may extended to Dindigul rural communities to enable them to understand the production process. Skill development training, an essential aspect of these industries, can be provided to the manufacturers in different industrial training institutes. The skills of the lock manufacturers can put to work in different training-cum-production workshops spread all over Dindigul An extensive and vigorous marketing strategy is under consideration to capitalize on the export potential of Dindigul locks. It will be done by using the various marketing channels and participation in international exhibitions. Programs for encouraging lock manufactures among men can be extended at local levels. The State Government will have to take needy steps to pull the new entrants of labors for utilizing the marketing viability of the lock manufacturing industry.

Dindigul Lock Worker's Industrial Company Operative Society Limited
Address: Soundararaja, Mills Road, Dindigul - 624 003, Tamil Nadu

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